Kohen Qabbalah

In this short movie, the Author of the research Kohen Qabbalah speaks about the differences between spirituality and religion, claiming that early tradition is founded on a natural spirituality based on the simple observation of the Moon, the Sun (and the Planets around it) and the Stars. Through this simple understanding, the demonstration is given through by modern researches, which are able to get information from Qumran and Nag-Hammadi discoveries. In this way and with this meaning, the word “Kohen” allow us to go beyond even the Jewish tradition, simply because the moment this word appears in the Holy Writings is before the creation of the priesthood of Aaron (the Levites). We are so far introduced into the Ancient tradition of Melki-Tzedeq: and this is not the only surprise this essay would transmit to its Readers.


INTGLISH? As we are talking about an European movement, language is a very important point. We need to imagine – as we in fact does when working in presence – a place where people of different language meets to work together. Of course, our work language is English; but we want to underline that there is consciousness and awareness that our English is a language of transformation, we may say a form of International English or – if you prefer – Internet English, the mix we call Intglish, as explained in the Europa Magica magazine, This lighter approach to communication is the spirit of time and, while we respect the great tradition in literature and history of the English language, simultaneously we call for a frank language which is the result given by the magickal equation of the mix of words taken from Enochian, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Latin, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, African and Maya which are the instruments of Magick. Therefore, dear Reader, forgive us some mistakes in grammar and syntax, thinking that we are building a new koiné.