When we decided to give the name VIA LUCIS, with the undertitle PANSOPHIC JOURNAL, this was in reason of the Rosi+Crucian idea that instruction and education are the train tracks which may drive a person until the spiritual door. Therefore, for human emancipation, the aim should be enlarge the number of people that may be able to offer to their children instruction and education, so that the awareness conquered with studies may subtract men and women to violence and misery, generating a more evolved humanity. Of course we know that this is not always what happens in the world. The exploitation of man by man is still today something tremendously common and, as the R+C spirit inform us, and Jeremy the prophet too, we should not trust into the men of the world. Notwithstanding, the spiritual meaning of history is completely imbued with these ideas, if we want to think of history not as a history of battles (which, as Shakespeare says in Macbeth, would be nothing more than the story of a madman, all clamor and fury, which means nothing) but as a history of evolution of humanity, as a history of the progressive liberation of the spirit from material needs.

We know that this way of seeing things is utopian, that its realization is tremendously difficult. We do not pretend to change the world. Let’s just say that this utopia is very rooted, and has roots in the noblest things that history has produced. In modern times, we find between two works by Comunius: Via Lucis, Vestigata & Vestiganda, 1641; Schola Pansophica, 1651, this spirit of progress through knowledge, which still appears very current and important. These titles prompted us to call our magazine with such a headline title. The activities and themes of the journal are intended to stimulate this logic of knowledge and knowledge, both of a civil and of a metaphysical nature. For its synthesis, our purpose is to start from the highest and most abstract level, above all to return the knowledge of the operative tools that are at the base of all the Western esoteric Orders. We will speak, therefore, to those who want to read, of High Magic but freeing the content from every superstition and reintegrating its meaning in a modern key, as an investigation of the unconscious, precisely with the aim of preparing the path of awareness that opens the doors of the spirit. A Schola Pansophica that introduces to Via Lucis.

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post scriptum: in August 2019 there will be a transnational conference. People who want discuss a public speech on the role of metaphysic knowledge and direct interpretation of holy writings in Tradition, are the welcome one. To submit a public speech to the VIA LUCIS CONFERENCE, please send an email to within February, 28, 2019. Speechs admitted will be also published on the VIA LUCIS magazine.