Orion and the religious’ hoax

enuma elish.jpgThe myth or Orion is the most hidden. As we demonstrate with a retrospective on the Enuma Elish, in this constellation we can find the real meaning of the backside of the formula “God made man in our image, in our likeness” (Genesis 1:26) which, in an anthropological meaning can be reversed into “Man created God in his image, in his likeness”.
The constellation of Orion holds this secret, because Orion is the image of man into the sky.
Primitive man, rising their glance to the sky, they identified themselves with Orion: this the reason why Orion is the god-image of man in the sky. Moreover, differently from the Zodiac’s constellations, that disappear early below the line of the horizon, Orion is visible quite the whole year, enforcing the perception of a divine nature. Notwithstanding, Orion disappears during the summer, when Scorpio rises and seems to dominate the sky: from this evidence the ancient developed the myth of the fall on the earth of this god, bearer of light and knowledge.
Inside the book, several astonishing notes can be found. Here, the anticipation of some consideration on the ethymology of the name.
In Sumer, Orion was know as Kur. In the Ancient Mysteries, Kur-i-bantes were the Phrygian dancers who worshipped the goddess Cybele.
Akkadian name was El, Ellum or Elam. The Hittite called Orion Ur-uarau-wannas, meaning free or noble. The Persian name Ahura mean Sun or Freedom. Ahura Mazda is the Vedic Varuna. Uru-w-an, Uru-anna, Varuna, Ahura, Orion is the Light of Heaven.
He is also the god who killed the bull. His name is also Mithra and his wife is called Bellil-ili or Ianna in Sumeria, Arinna in Greece.
Orion, after his fall, became also the God of the underworld, the enchained Prometheus or the Plutonian Hades, the Lord of Death.
In Egypt Orion was called Ausiris. Orion is followed by the constellation of the Dog. In Egypt the Dog is Anubys.
The whole of the ancient tradition is connected with Orion. The cosmogonies and the anthropogonies of these early ages of human consciousness are completely melted in the myth of Orion from which depends, ultimately, the originary conception of God as it developed not just in mythologies but also in religions.
Why Orion disappeared from our consciousness? The answer in inside the word religion.
When the ancient initiatic tradition eclipsed, the new consciousness was obnubilated by the prohibition of what they called “astrolatry”. Books about the knowledge of the stars were burned under accuse of heresy and blasphemy. Since then, the idea of a national god – this terrible mistake! – had no more rival.
Now, it is time to recognize the ancient wisdom.
So Orion come back to his role of torch bearer, for the sake of mankind.
Giuseppe Mazzini was a philosopher engaged in changing the world through education as a way to open the door of spiritual life. He lived fighting each kind of obscurantism, with the full perception of the immortality of soul and the special value of art as activity of the spiritual life. Societas Mazzini works with the aim to contribute in spreading a kind of knowledge able to drive towards understanding and emancipation.