Kohen Qabbalah

cover official kohen qabbalahA cosmopolitan religion has been conceived by the people?

When? How? By whom?

This essay is an avant-reading copy, written in a troubadouric language, which dares to investigate some element not usually seen together into a social sciences’ approach. The story of the Patriarchs before the deluge, the inner literature of a sacerdotal line before Israel, the myth of the Ten Lost Tribes after the division between Yehudah and Israel, the Oriental side of the Diaspora and the Exilarchate, the shadows of the Qabbalah in the intertwinned line of Arabic Suphi mystical doctrine, its blossom into the Omayyade Spain and the influence on music and poetry: all this matters with the development of European Renaissance and early Enlightenment’s phylosophy. This essay doesn’t limit its investigation field to past epochs but goes under the shadows of the Eastern Diaspora to recognize the meaning of the so called false-Messiahs as the main continuity line with old tradition. Modernity and political analogies are useful to understand the arts and their social reflex, and also the obscurantist line which generated the occultation of each spiritual attempt able to dare spreading liberty and awareness among the people.