Maybe someone will understand when I should affirm that a Cohen is a butcher. The first parasha of the Leviticus clarifies this statement. But I’m sure what I said will be misunderstood. Therefore, we have just two chances: the first one is related to the opportunity to take in the right path the statement, linking it to the kasheruth. The second one is changing matter.

Anyway, this matter is strictly connected with the former, because it is about the way to practice an offering, in this case without any cattle, flock or bird, nut exclusively franckincense and the naked word. Now, our attention will be directed to the names of the Seven Angels, sometimes related to the seven planets (and to the seven double letter ∴ BDGKPRT.

Those Angels are called in several way, according to the Tradition through by their Names have been received. We should reminding, together with Martinism, Golden Dawn, the Renaissance sources like Cornelius Agrippa von Nettenheim and many others. Notwithstanding, the most sacred one seems to be a source quoted very often but not read in the same intensity.

The reference is to the Sepher Raziel. Here, the Holy Names of the Seven Spirits are:

Anael for Levanah – the Moon

Gabriel for Madim – Mars

Raphael for Choma – the Sun

Tzadqyel for Kokab – Mercury

Barakiel for Tzedeq – Jupiter

Chasdiel for Nogah – Venus

Mikael for Shabbat – Saturn




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