Sorores, Fratres

by meaning of Astronomy rudiments that our science needs us to acquire, each year in the two days of the Equinoxes the Sun rises exactly in the East and sets exactly in the West. In these two days (approx. 21 March and 22 September), the Sun rises at 6 am and sets at 18 seconds the time of day, creating a perfect symmetry between the duration of the day and the night, twelve hours. From here the word Equinox derives its etymology (Latin aequinoctium , “equal night” in reference to the duration of the night period equal to that day). The Equinox is the time of the revolution of the Earth when the Sun is at the zenith of the equator, that is perfectly perpendicular, being the perfect “noon” in the year. Ancient astronomers noticed this point as “Head of the Dragon.” The phenomenon occurs twice during the year, as noted above. This year, the Fall Equinox occurs in perfect alignment to 16.27 hours of 22 September, entering the Weighing Scale, something that goes to a comparison with the symbolism of the psychostasis, as in chapter CXXV of The Egyptian Book of the Deads. It’s not by chance that this period of the year in Jewish tradition is connected to the so called “labor pains for the gestation of the new year” also said “the ten terrible days”, to be referred to the days in between Rosh ha-shanah and Yom kippur, which is a special time when the consciousness of each individual is weighed to conceive the destiny (karma) that will be faced in the new year.

In Lvx et Nox.



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